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We are taking a systems approach to building a multi-stage portfolio. We have awarded $20M 
to 53 portfolio companies, co-funding 28 demonstration projects. Our portfolio companies have gone on to raise over $350M of follow-on funding.

Every January we announce a new cohort of 12-15 startups. Check out 2017's dozen!

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Aerial spectroscopy to help farmers efficiently allocate resources

Lisa made the leap from Rolls Royce’s venture team to start Go Electric, a startup based in Indiana. The company is scaling microgrid hardware and software that integrates solar, batteries, and other energy sources to provide reliable power to critical facilities.

Bringing computational firepower to solar system design

Database platform and high definition analytics to help solve grid challenges

Mapping the grid to enable data-driven decision making

Upgrade that old-school AC unit with Momit Cool

Opus 12 co-founders, Etosha, Kendra, and Nicholas, bonded over their mutual interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and teamed up to develop their research on carbon dioxide utilization into an economically viable process

Fitbit for farms

Software platform that supports the entire solar workflow, from lead to financing

Seamless and connected urban mobility

Noise canceling headphones for the distribution grid

DIY energy monitoring platform

Centralized energy management platform for single & multi-site facilities

10x cheaper, whole-building energy efficiency

Simple CSP

Geli is creating an end-to-end platform for the energy storage ecosystem.

Water conservation & usage monitoring without smart meters

Cloud‐based platform protecting companies against cyber‐crime

Energy management via machine learning

Customized home efficiency and maintenance

Benji started T-REX to connect institutional investors with renewable energy assets and drive down the cost of renewable energy development.

Universal application programming interface for energy data

WaterSmart provides personalized water use information directly to customers, helping people take quick actions that reduce water bills 3-5%.

Automated solar sales

Your personal energy advisor

HVAC's smart software layer; Acquired by NEXTracker in 2016

Energy efficient lighting and automation

Plug-and-play solar connection

Mobile EV chargers

Raising local beef through vertically integrated supply chains

Reduced financial risk for solar

Turning supermarket freezers into batteries

Creating the future of urban mobility; acquired by Daimler in 2014

Olin Lagon is a serial entrepreneur who founded Shifted Energy to turn electric water heaters into batteries that can store excess renewable energy.

Real-time transportation information

Flywheel energy storage

Liquid metal battery

Social transportation for taxis

Ibis Networks reduces plug-level energy use by 40% by turning off devices in schools, hotels, and offices when no one is present.

Social platform to align personal values and spending

Creating the smart home from your smartphone

Stem combines powerful learning software with energy storage to automate energy savings for schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

Naveen started TerViva to develop new trees that grow sustainably on abandoned land, using less water and fertilizer than other crops, and creating multiple revenue streams for farmers.