Olin Lagon, CEO

Olin is a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies such as a very early crowdfunding platform, and grassroots organizations such as a civic engagement non-profit and an education non-profit for Hawaiian youth. Olin has been a member of both the Go-to-market Track and the Demonstration Track at Elemental Excelerator.

About Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy develops grid-interactive water heater systems. Shifted developed a demand response aggregation system that develops, installs, maintains, and operates demand response products – specifically focusing on the software interface between the products and the electric utility. Shifted solutions aggregates the water heater load and provides control to the utility, allowing heaters to cycle on or off based on the real time grid needs. Cycling heaters on can absorb excess renewable power such as daytime PV production or early-morning wind production, and can also provide ancillary services, such as frequency regulation, for the electricity grid. Shifted’s key advantage over other similar systems is its software layer with energy efficiency algorithms and controls to reduce residents’ energy use and electricity bills.

Project Description

Shifted Energy partnered with Hawaiian Electric to deploy 499 grid-interactive water heaters at a new multi-family housing complex on Oahu’s west side, amounting to 2.5 MW of power potential. This project is the first large scale deployment of such grid-interactive water heaters in the U.S. The heaters can be remotely controlled to meet grid service needs as well as ensure hot water for residents when they need it.