About Varentec

Varentec calls their technology noise-cancelling headphones for the electric grid. In Hawaii and other jurisdictions, voltage fluctuation and other grid management issues cause major challenges for the utility and for customers who have sensitive electrical equipment. In Hawaii in particular, parts of the grid with very high levels of PV experience significant moment-to-moment fluctuations in voltage. Varentec’s technology reduces variability on the grid and enhances utilities’ ability to manage the system. Their advanced power electronic devices provide real-time, dynamic Volt-VAR control at the grid edge, and advanced visualization and optimization through a cloud-based or on-premise platform. Varentec’s hardware and software solution controls voltage and reactive power in real time to reduce volatility on grids with high penetration of wind and solar, improves power quality at the edge of the grid, and delivers electricity to local customers with greater efficiency.

Initial project results demonstrate energy savings of approximately 5% without affecting customer quality of service.