Circular Economy

The concept of a “circular economy” spans a wide variety of technologies and sectors, with the potential to significantly improve the sustainability and equity of our economy. We are focused on transforming how we make and use everything from cars, clothes, food, and other products, which can account for nearly half of global emissions. Replacing the “take-make-waste” extractive industrial model with a circular economy framework can also tackle the disproportionate pollution found in frontline communities and energize local job creation.

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Yerdle | The Recommerce Engine for a Circular Economy

Funding Startups Addressing Urgent Environmental Challenges

What technologies are we looking for?

  • Waste-to-value solutions
  • Carbon capture & sequestration
  • Resource recovery & reuse
  • Textile & apparel recycling
  • Source reduction & data collection platforms
  • Alternative packaging and next-generation waste sorting and processing technology
  • Solutions that create high-quality, local jobs for people who live in frontline communities
  • Manufacturing companies interested in ‘Equity IN’ projects to establish diverse hiring, inclusion & retention, and responsible supply chain practices

Our existing industrial and waste systems are unsustainable and inequitable. As we aspire to redesign waste streams using new technologies and business models, we’re looking for market solutions that address pollution problems at the source.


Danya Hakeem | Director of Innovation, Agriculture & Circular Economy

Addressing Real-World Problems

At Elemental, we take a place-based approach by recruiting entrepreneurs who are solving needs in the communities they seek to deploy in. We facilitate collaborative partnerships to help bring these solutions to the places we call home – Hawaii, California’s frontline communities, and the Asia Pacific – then scale the impact to the rest of the world.

Hawaii & Asia Pacific

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Through our Demonstration Track, we co-fund and co-deploy projects in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific alongside startups and local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations.




The Equity & Access track supports startups delivering community-driven clean technology innovation in California’s frontline communities.



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Our Go-to-Market track is designed to support companies from all over the world in search of market intelligence and sales & growth strategies.


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