About Autowatts

Autowatts was founded by Alex Tiller, the former CEO of Sunetric, one of Hawaii’s largest residential solar companies before it was acquired in 2014. Alex’s experience led him to build an easy-to-use solar configuration engine. This application could be utilized by solar companies to make the solar PV process much simpler and more automatic (hence the name Autowatts).

Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track provided the founding team with a structured program to validate the business model along with the initial customer requirements. The company realized that they could streamline the solar sales process by allowing trusted third parties, such as tax advisors, attorneys, and others to educate homeowners and residents about solar PV options that might work well for their needs and budget.

Through a user-friendly interface, the Autowatts system integrates various data sources to reduce the solar assessment process from days to minutes. This includes rapid integration and calculation from a data-driven modeling engine that utilizes user inputs, public and private databases, utility bills, and other data sources. It conducted a cost/benefit analysis, arranged financing options, and coordinated local installation (e.g., detailed reports, comparisons, recommendations, analysis, sales collateral and immediate online support). The end-to-end solution became a powerful lead generation tool. This value was realized by a public solar company who partnered with Autowatts and now uses it as an internal system.