About Bidgely

Bidgely (which means “electricity” in Hindi) was founded in 2011 in Mountain View, California by Abhay Gupta and Vivek Garud, who were connected by a vision of creating a low-cost technology that could achieve global impact. Bidgely works with utilities to 1) engage customers to reduce utility bills, and 2) provide system-wide benefits by reducing demand at critical times.

Bidgely’s software disaggregates energy usage to break down whole-house energy use into appliance-level insights, without any hardware or device-level sensors. Currently, Bidgely is working with utilities to serve more than two million customers across four continents.

Project Description

On Elemental Excelerator’s Demonstration Track, Bidgely is partnering with Hawaiian Electric and Blue Planet Foundation to test the company’s hypothesis that behavioral demand response is an effective way to shift peak energy usage. In 2016, 750 Hawaii residents received energy monitors (to provide data similar to a smart meter) coupled with access to Bidgely’s web and mobile applications, “HomeBeat”, that allows them to see real-time electricity use, receive personalized educational tips, and enable participation in the HECO Action Demand Response or ADR pilot. Through real-time feedback online and via mobile devices, Bidgely participants reduce their electric bill an average of 6%.