In early 2014, CEO Mark Pittman found himself frustrated at an unchanging traffic light. Mark called his old friend, and current CTO, Patrick Brown to build a better sensor – a sensor that could do more than just time traffic lights. The company has since grown to nine full-time employees gathering and analyzing data for cities, counties, Departments of Transportation, and private shopping centers.

The solution.

Blyncsy is a movement data intelligence company. What does that mean? Blync Sensors anonymously capture electronic signals, such as bluetooth and wifi from phones, cars, and smartwatches. Their Pulse analytics platform then aggregates, analyzes, and interprets the data, giving customers a clearer understanding of how people and traffic are moving through an environment.

Now let’s talk deployment.

Many transportation agencies utilize several different sources of data and several systems to manage that data. Pulse can incorporate other data sources in tandem with the Blync Sensor data, analyze it, and push data out in one simple platform. Customers receive analyses on travel times, delays, trip volumes, and more, in one simple, easy to use platform.

Blyncsy plans to partner with a transportation agency to deploy Blync Sensors and integrate the agency’s existing data sets into the Pulse analytics platform. Decision-makers and city planners will have the tools they need to direct the future of the transportation grid and Smart Cities work.