About Bright Light Systems

Bright Light Systems manufactures advanced lighting technology delivering up to 80% energy savings for high-mast lighting. High-mast lighting is for lights on poles that are generally over 90 feet tall, and are used to illuminate ports and shipping terminals, rail yards, manufacturing facilities, roads, and other infrastructure. Bright Light Systems’ luminaries use Light Emitting Plasma technology; a compact, electrode-less light source that delivers a 50% energy reduction over conventional lighting and offers a lamp lifetime of over 50,000 hours for high mast lighting applications. They couple their hardware solution with a cloud-based lighting management, monitoring, and reporting interface that achieves an additional 30% energy savings through intelligent control and scheduled dimming of the lights.

Bright Light Systems designs and manufactures its products in the U.S. and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is about 30 miles north of Atlanta.

Project Description

For its project on Elemental Excelerator’s Demonstration Track, Bright Light Systems deployed 350 energy-efficient luminaires with integrated controls, three Gateway communications devices, and the smart digital management system in partnership with the Port of Melbourne at the Victoria International Container Terminal in Australia. In total, the project achieved a 69.5% energy reduction and resulted in almost $100k in energy cost savings per year compared to the port’s previous lighting system. The Port of Melbourne project was one of Elemental Excelerator’s first international projects.