About Carbon Lighthouse

Brenden Millstein and Rafael Rosen have been best friends since age five. First playmates, then lab partners, and now co-founders, they started Carbon Lighthouse in 2010 in order to reduce carbon emissions from buildings. The company has since grown to over 30 employees, servicing 450+ buildings and eliminating the carbon emissions equivalent to three power plants.

Carbon Lighthouse has developed a software platform and installation method to deliver energy savings 10x more cost-effectively than traditional methods. The heart of the Carbon Lighthouse system is a network of low-cost sensors that are deployed throughout a commercial or industrial building’s mechanical rooms and roof. Using sensor data in real time, they can optimize existing equipment, leading to 20-30% whole building energy savings. In addition, Carbon Lighthouse has a business model that allows them to resolve the landlord-tenant split incentive, making the economics work for both building owners and renters, and enabling the company to work in buildings of any lease type.

Project Description

Carbon Lighthouse focused on two main objectives for their Elemental Excelerator project on the Demonstration Track: 1) create their own sensor instead of buying from a third party, and 2) enhance their machine learning algorithms to reduce the time it takes to analyze a building. By focusing on these two challenges, Carbon Lighthouse is now able to deploy their own network of sensors, averaging 1,000x more data than other firms are able to collect, and giving them the ability to guarantee, for the first time, 20-30% whole-building energy reductions.