Dollaride provides fixed-route transportation in communities that are underserved by public transit. The company’s solution digitally optimizes existing van networks and enables drivers and riders to connect and transact via smartphones. Starting with the 4.5 million Americans who live in transit deserts, Dollaride can boost economic opportunity while making transportation more accessible everywhere.


Why we love ’em?

Dollaride is the app-based rideshare option for the millions of Americans who aren’t adequately served by public transit, and find taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts too costly for their daily needs. Even in New York, a city with one of the world’s biggest transit systems, over 600k people live in “transit deserts” and have to spend hours each day commuting to work. Since the 1980s, cash-based, micro-transit systems of dollar vans have been easing the pain of commuting for disenfranchised people. Dollaride is digitizing and mobilizing these networks, helping local drivers grow their ridership, and creating an affordable solution with reliable routes for riders. The company also provides a subscription service for businesses looking to provide employees with an alternative way to get to and from the office. By optimizing existing informal transit and reducing overall vehicle miles traveled and associated greenhouse gas emissions, Dollaride is an important piece of minimizing the climate impacts from urban mobility.