About Edisun Microgrids

Edisun Heliostats was founded on a vision to create a low-cost energy storage system. The idea was incubated by Bill Gross at Idea Labs, his startup factory, before entering into the Elemental Excelerator. The concept was simple: utilize concentrated solar power to store energy in natural materials. Specifically, the technology works by using an array of inexpensive, flat mirrors to heat a tank of locally sourced rocks to 500 degrees Celsius. The system then pumps air through the rocks, which store the heat, and utilizes a Stirling engine to create power.

During the Go-to-market Track, Edisun Heliostats was able to run the system in a closed loop for a full 24 hours, generating enough heat during the day to power the facility throughout the evening. In 2016, Edisun became a part of the Elemental Excelerator Demonstration Track.

Project Description

Edisun is working to install their solution on the Big Island of Hawaii. This will be their first commercial size unit of their rock + air CSP technology. The company is working to make this solution a true firm power source that can provide renewable energy around the clock.