Fervo commercializes technology to develop, own and operate geothermal assets as the dispatchable foundation to a 100% clean energy future. As a clean energy resource that works around the clock, geothermal power is a critical component to decarbonizing the most challenging parts of the energy sector. Fervo’s technology incorporates proven, cost-effective technologies, such as horizontal drilling and fiber optic sensing, to dramatically increase the productivity and lifetime of geothermal wells.

Why do we love ’em?

Geothermal power, which currently accounts for less than 1% of utility-scale electricity generation in the U.S., is poised for a breakthrough. Sourced from heat generated by the Earth’s core, geothermal energy clean, available 24-7, entirely homegrown, and virtually unlimited. But that’s just one piece of why we’re so excited by Fervo’s approach to rapidly scaling and increasing the productivity of geothermal wells. As demand drops out and the economics stop adding up for the fossil fuel industry, geothermal presents an opportunity to immediately transition the tens of thousands of Americans employed by oil and gas companies into a clean-energy workforce. Fervo’s CEO Tim Latimer, who was formerly a shale gas drilling engineer, understands that many of the same skills and even equipment used in oil-field drilling can, instead of producing hydrocarbons, be repurposed overnight to tap into geothermal wells and produce abundant, carbon-free electricity.