The Solution.

Geli has created the energy industry’s first platform for the rapid design, deployment, and management of intelligent energy storage assets. Geli provides software and services to enable industry participants – from utilities to electricians – to understand the value of distributed energy storage and to deploy a solution that best fits their customer’s needs. Founded in 2010, Geli’s software has enabled the deployment of a variety of systems around the world.

Geli’s software suite is comprised of three tools: 1) Geli ESyst is an online project design tool that incorporates components from different OEMs as well as opportunities for project finance to quickly determine whether a site makes sense for energy storage; 2) the Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS) automates energy storage systems, dynamically importing protocols from Geli ESyst analysis as projects move forward; and 3) the Geli GENI platform monitors energy storage operations, reports operational and financial performance, and aggregates fleets of systems to provide grid services.

Now let’s talk deployment.

Geli is working with Hawaii PV developers to customize their ESyst platform to fit the regulatory environment. They currently have 20+ Hawaii installers working on ESyst, modeling and right-sizing solar-plus-storage systems in order to provide solar and storage to more markets at lower cost. Hawaii has one of the highest levels of PV in the nation, with nearly 30% of single family homes having installed solar, so new systems on multi-family housing and other locations often require storage in order to connect to the grid.