GOmeter was founded by Reed North and Georg Oberth.  Reed had experience working in the City of Los Angeles and saw an opportunity to better manage the city’s limited water resources. Georg is a successful entrepreneur who founded GOdata and GOnetworks.  He is the CTO of GOmeter, and he is the holder of numerous U.S. and international patents.

About GOmeter

Most water meters do not provide real-time monitoring or much insight into the water use of a facility; they are designed to clock in on a monthly basis for billing.  GOmeter turns traditional water meters into smart water meters by using a low-cost, camera-based system combined with a sophisticated data-crunching backend. GOmeter allows residents, businesses, and cities to monitor water usage without going through the more intrusive and costly process of installing smart meters. The GOmeter device transmits time-stamped pictures of user’s water meter displays, creating an automated extraction of user data. With only 24 hours of monitoring, GOmeter can sift through a facility’s water data and identify, in nearly real-time, any costly and wasteful water patterns such as high usage spikes, pipe leaks, and appliance malfunctions.

On Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track, GOmeter tested and validated the company’s go-to-market strategy across U.S. and international markets. As part of their Elemental Excelerator work, GOmeter tested their system on multiple buildings in Hawaii. In one building on Oahu, GOmeter’s 24 hours of monitoring found a leak that added up to 183,960 gallons of wasted fresh water per year, which adds up to $1,766 per year. Through data analytics, GOmeter determined that the leak was the result of a landscaping equipment malfunction, something the building owner could inspect and address.