Rich Matsui, CEO and Jason Kaminsky, COO

Rich Matsui spent years in the solar industry, first working with McKinsey & Co. and then with his own consulting firm Honua Solutions. He founded kWh Analytics in 2012 to fill a gap he experienced in being able to access solar industry data and benchmarking information and has built a team of over a dozen people with deep finance and solar experience.

About kWh Analytics

kWh Analytics combines the solar industry’s largest independent database of solar assets – which now includes over 50,000 PV systems and nearly 1 gigawatt of capacity from around the U.S. – with big data analytics to help installers, banks, and other industry participants benchmark the performance of solar systems and manage risks. They collect and process data from thousands of solar power plants across the country and can identify trends (and therefore risks and bankability) based on the age of systems, the installers, the panel manufacturer, the geography, and many other variables. This kind of data access and analytics is instrumental in providing certainty for solar assets, ultimately driving down the cost of solar and increasing access to PV more broadly.

Project Description

kWh Analytics was a part of Elemental Excelerator’s 2013 Go-to-market Track and developed a business model around their solar data sets. As a member of the 2015 Demonstration cohort, kWh Analytics is working with the State of Hawaii’s Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism and the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority’s Green Energy Market Securitization (GEMS) program to screen PV systems and providers for quality and identify the highest quality projects for financing. The GEMS program is designed to make solar financing available to hard-to-reach populations, especially lower income residents and non-profit organizations that cannot access traditional financing. kWh Analytics can not only serve as the data wizard for this new solar portfolio, but also assist in fulfilling reporting requirements and measuring portfolio performance.