Karl Holmqvist (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in telco infrastructure and internet security systems. Prior to founding Lastwall, Karl built a telecommunications carrier in Canada and worked in Dubai as an investor with AGT. Thomas (President) is a serial entrepreneur, and most recently he was responsible for driving Oracle’s security strategy. Prior to that he was the founder of Bharosa, a global security platform provider which was acquired by Oracle in 2007.

About LastWall

LastWall grew out of their combined experience and provides security for remote users by bringing real-time fraud and risk analysis to the cloud. The technology ensures that users are who they say they are by using authentication beyond the name and password, such as device use patterns and other learned pattern recognition. This helps companies stop cyber-crime by uniquely identifying each user based on their access patterns and only allowing the real user to log into the system. LastWall’s approach allows companies such as banks and utilities to deploy an extra layer of security to protect their users faster and more cost effectively than other products in the market today. From the end-user’s perspective, Lastwall’s platform is effectively invisible 99% of the time, only sending an alert when there is a risk present. This zero-friction approach makes for a better user experience, without the hassle of downloading an app or changing a behavior.

In Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track, LastWall has been working on applying their security technology to utilities and other participants in the energy market. LastWall has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Mountain View, California.