About momit

The quest to reduce energy use in the home doesn’t intimidate the founding team of European-based Momit. The company was established in Spain and has gained a significant amount of traction throughout Western Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Momit’s temperature control system received the Consumer Electronic Show 2017 innovation award, and it has gained the attention of several utilities in the U.S. and Asia Pacific markets.

The triangle-shaped Momit Cool transforms a regular wall-mounted air conditioner into a smart device, enabling residents to control the temperature from afar. All residents have to do is download the app, stick the device on their air conditioner, and begin using it. Key features are the ability to set a monthly budget, set a schedule for your A/C, use geolocation so your A/C powers up just before you get home, and adjust the temperature through the app. This is an easy cost-saving tool for both owners and renters, since renters can easily take Momit Cool when they move.

On Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track, Momit is creating a U.S. entity and testing the applicability of its solution in North American markets.