NEER is a water management platform that uses machine learning to identify leaks and predict failures in water, sewer, and stormwater collection systems. American water utilities spend more than $10 billion per year on reactive repairs — such as drinking water main breaks, leaks, sewer overflows, flooding, and sinkholes — but there is no easy way to proactively identify these locations. NEER gets in front of these problems by combining real-time modeling and predictive asset management into a single platform that is affordable for any small, medium, or large community.

Why we love ’em?

Across the country, we’re spending more than $10 billion per year on repairs and maintenance for our aging and failing water infrastructure. However, water operators have little awareness of what will fail or when it will happen. With a single software solution for water, sewer, and stormwater systems that monitors operational efficiency, identifies infrastructure issues, and predicts failures, NEER can help them stabilize pipes and other infrastructure before they deteriorate. NEER’s founder, Elango Thevar, has spent his career consulting with utility clients on this very problem and built the company to provide them with unmatched intelligence in an increasingly crowded field of asset management software. And since the company combines systems-wide modeling and predictive management into a single platform, NEER simply does more at a lower price point than its competitors. NEER’s digital solution can help cities and small communities alike reverse the decades-long trend of crumbling water infrastructure and improve their ability to fulfill one of their most fundamental and vital public services.