Ramon and Joan Miquel have been working together in the energy industry for nearly a decade. In 2013, they recognized the potential of applying machine learning and analytics to renewable energy generation and founded Nnergix.

The solution.

Nnergix is a weather analytics and energy forecasting service that helps utilities, independent power providers, energy traders, asset managers, and T&D system operators understand future available power and prepare for extreme weather events.

Nnergix products are divided into two main areas:

  1. The SENTINEL platform applies machine learning to weather and location data streams to improve the efficiency of asset managers and reduce severe meteorological risk. Nnergix is currently being used in more than 15 countries with a 90% customer renewal rate.
  2. The SMARTmonitor portal gives customers access to hourly solar and wind energy production forecasts. The portal has a number of applications that include increasing accuracy for predicting future generation, and lowering cost for operations and maintenance.

What makes them special?

Nnergix aggregates several weather data sources and uses machine learning and analytics to develop a strong renewable forecasting tool. The tool predicts power generation and can alert asset owners if an extreme weather event is approaching their location. The goal of their SaaS web platforms is for power industry players to gain efficiencies and avoid risk via sophisticated weather analytics.