Ramon and Joan Miquel have been working together in the energy industry for more than a decade. In 2013, they recognized the potential of applying machine learning and analytics to combine weather and other data from the energy industry and founded Nnergix.

The solution.

Nnergix is a weather analytics and energy forecasting service that helps utilities, independent power providers, energy traders, asset managers, and T&D system operators understand how weather is affecting their assets in order to correctly operate and protect them.

Nnergix products are divided into three main areas:

  • The SENTINEL – Solar platform helps automate a company’s residential and industrial portfolio by providing visibility behind the meter (without hardware), energy forecasting, performance ratio optimization, and other management tools.
  • The SENTINEL – Grid Resilience platform protects assets from severe weather events and automates the audit process after an incident or failure.
  • The SMARTmonitor service provides sub-hourly solar, wind, and hydro energy production forecasts. The portal has a number of applications including increased accuracy for predicting future generation and lowering costs of operations and maintenance.