Christine Su and George Lee left corporate jobs to pursue a shared vision of helping farmers build a better food system. They launched PastureMap in 2016 to help ranchers make profits building a carbon-friendly meat supply chains.

The Solution.

PastureMap is connecting data through the supply chain to achieve a triple bottom line: 1) traceable, healthy beef that’s better for consumers, 2) profitable rancher and farmer livelihoods, and 3) building soil carbon and healthy grasslands. Their mobile and cloud platform helps ranchers combine grazing records with soil and rainfall analytics to increase productivity per acre and protect valuable carbon stores. Grasslands comprise one-third of our global landmass and managed grazing could offset 16 gigatons of CO2 by 2050.

What makes them special?

Keeping a digital trail certifies the authenticity of carbon-friendly beef and can enable ranchers and producers to recapture profits from the supply chain. PastureMap is building an animal performance database, from grazing, health history, to their final slaughter quality, which will help the entire ranching community raise better cattle on healthier grasslands.