About PlotWatt

Nearly 10 years ago PlotWatt’s founder and CEO Luke Fishback found himself baffled by his electric bill…and he’s a rocket scientist. That frustration led to a simple question: “What if I could demand more of the energy data I produce?”

His answer was PlotWatt, a team of mathematicians, scientists and software developers who write software and create algorithms to take data from smart meters and translate it into energy savings for multi-location business customers. PlotWatt’s analysts take this data and uncover the energy-saving opportunities that offer the biggest return. PlotWatt specializes in delivering customized action plans that drive persistent, intelligent efficiency that leverages the existing resources of its customers.

PlotWatt works with multi-location businesses in the retail, telecom, healthcare, banking, grocery, and restaurant sectors. With its proprietary mix of software, actionable recommendations, and custom consulting, PlotWatt helps these customers drive operational efficiencies and save an average of 6% on their annual energy expenditures.

In 2018, PlotWatt was acquired by American Efficient, an aggregators of energy efficiency resources.