Rebound’s cofounders Kevin Davis and Russell Muren met while working in the research and development department of Abengoa Solar, working primarily on thermal energy storage. Both had realized, however, that there were many obstacles in trying to store energy at 2,000°C temperatures. In 2012, Kevin and Russell Rebound Technologies, a company dedicated to rethinking refrigeration. After proving technical feasibility via support from the National Science Foundation, the Denver, Colorado-based company entered into the Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track.

The Solution.

Rebound develops enhancements in industrial refrigeration, economically optimizing their freezing processes through IcePoint™. This liquid sub-cooling product plugs into existing industrial freezer systems and provides the control to deploy bursts of high capacity cooling, ideal for speeding up blast freezing services and mitigating peak energy expenses. No other cooling technology offers this control and Rebound accomplishes it with a 40 percent efficiency gain. Facilities not only realize a boost in revenue from increased product throughput, but they also benefit from decreased energy expenses.

What makes them special?

Rebound is working with several organizations to fully establish their product. They have previously collaborated with Southern California Edison, the second largest utility company in the U.S., for third party lab validation, and are currently collaborating with Lineage Logistics, the second largest cold storage company in the U.S., on a commercial pilot. Rebound further anticipates strategic partnerships with refrigeration equipment manufacturers playing a large role in the distribution of their product and growth of the company.