About Rebound Technologies

Rebound’s cofounders Kevin Davis and Russell Muren met while working at the solar firm Abengoa Solar. They shared a passion for using science for good, and started Rebound Technologies in 2012. After completing the I-Corps program of the National Science Foundation, the Boulder, Colorado-based company entered into the Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track.

Rebound’s IcePoint™ product uses ambient heat to significantly increase the efficiency of freezers, showing efficiency gains of over 40% for commercial freezers. They target deep freezer units in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and cold storage facilities.

IcePoint™ can also essentially turn commercial refrigeration units into batteries; the units can be controlled to help manage grid intermittency while saving energy costs. The benefits are being demonstrated through a series of pilot projects in Colorado and beyond.

Rebound’s current deployments are showing that IcePoint™ can scale by utilizing a fixed, diurnal schedule based on peak/off-peak time blocks or via a dynamic control scheme incorporating instantaneous weather patterns. When the sun is producing significant solar energy, supermarkets can ramp up within 30 seconds to begin generating ice, absorbing surplus grid energy and using it productively. Similarly, IcePoint™ can ramp down or completely stop ice generation when clouds reduce solar production. Rebound’s technology scales well; across about 120 supermarkets the company could provide 80 MWh of energy storage potential.