In 2013, Shifted Energy was first formed as a project of Kanu Hawaii, a social platform cultivating a community around sustainable, place-based transformation. CTO, and founding CEO, Olin Lagon, launched Shifted Energy to focus on addressing two key issues: energy justice and renewable integration.

The solution.

Shifted Energy develops grid-interactive water heater systems. Their software plus hardware solution aggregates electric water heater capacity and provides control to the utility, allowing heaters to cycle on or off based on real-time needs of the grid. Cycling heaters on can absorb excess renewable power, such as daytime PV production or early-morning wind production, and can also provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation for the grid. Residents benefit from energy efficiency algorithms and controls built into Shifted’s software layer that helps to reduce energy use and electricity bills. In addition, aggregating electric water heaters can help utilities worldwide integrate intermittent renewables at scale.

What makes them special?

As part of Elemental Excelerator’s 2015 Demonstration track, Shifted Energy partnered with Hawaiian Electric to install 499 grid-interactive water heaters at a new multi-family housing complex on Oahu’s west side, creating 2.5 MWh of daily storage capacity to support the grid.

Welcome back, Shifted.

Shifted has returned to join Elemental Excelerator’s 2018 Go-to-market track. With a new CEO, Forest Frizell, strong roots in the Hawaii community, and exciting new hardware innovation, Shifted Energy is pivoting their go-to-market strategy to scale their solution worldwide.