CEO Daniel White founded The Behaviouralist with Professor Robert Hahn and Professor Robert Metcalfe – leading academics in behavioral economics. The Behaviouralist incubated the technology and team in the UK before spinning out Signol to tackle rising CO2 emissions through improved productivity – starting with the airline industry.

The Solution.

Signol uses behavioral science to frame and deliver information to incentivize efficient fuel use in the transportation sector. The software analyzes airline captains’ fuel consumption on a flight and then produces incentives to reach fuel-efficiency targets. Unlike other efforts that focus on technological or more general behavioral solutions, Signol focuses on changing an individual’s decisions to reducing fuel use, increase employee satisfaction, and improve sustainability. Combined with fuel and operational savings, Signol has the potential to be a rare win-win-win.

What makes them special?

Signol partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airways to conduct the first-ever behavioral field experiment with airline captains. Over an eight-month period and more than 40,000 unique flights, Signol reduced CO2 emissions by 55 million lbs and saved the airline more than $5 million.