CTO Leila Madrone founded Sunfolding in 2012 to knock down barriers to widespread solar adoption. The company is dedicated to alleviating climate change through reducing solar costs and making each system more efficient — producing the maximum possible energy.

The solution.

Sunfolding designs, manufactures, and sells products that enable simple and low-maintenance solar tracking. The company’s AirDrive™ technology combines the functionality of motors, gears, dampers, and batteries into a single component operated by compressed air.

What makes them special?

The AirDrive is incorporated into the Sunfolding T29™ tracker, which at its core is more similar to a fixed-tilt system than a tracker. Composed of only three unique structural elements, the Sunfolding T29™ offers significant advantages over traditional solar trackers at each stage of the product life cycle. The maintenance-free drive removes unnecessary expenses during plant development, cuts installation time by half, and comes with a decades-long expected lifetime.