About T-REX

Benji Cohen started T-REX after spending time in the Energy Markets Division at Macquarie Bank and structuring infrastructure deals across the public and private sectors. Since 2012 the company has grown to more than 15 team members with offices in New York City and Tel Aviv, and has launched partnerships with some of the world’s leading investment banking institutions.

T-REX Analytics is a finance technology company that specializes in cloud-based tools for analyzing and investing in renewable energy assets. T-REX connects institutional investors with renewable energy assets in order to facilitate growth in the clean energy sector. Rather than developing, sending around, and comparing dozens of Excel models, T-REX’s customers can use one platform and test different finance scenarios in one place. This provides transparency into the risks and returns of investing in renewable energy assets such as solar. The software provides a complete end-to‐end solution for structuring financial transactions for a portfolio of renewable assets, including granular modeling of solar projects and solar-backed loans, stressing of power production performance and credit-based assumptions, tranche structuring for portfolios of assets, and calculating total return analysis and deal profitability. T-REX’s tool also supports ongoing portfolio management for renewable energy assets.

Project Description

For their Elemental Excelerator Demonstration project, T-REX is developing an optimizer tool to enhance efficiency in securitization. The company is working to demonstrate this end-to-end solution on a portfolio of renewable energy assets in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific. Through the optimizer platform, project owners, rating agencies, and investors are able to evaluate more alternatives and better evaluate associated risks. The speed and automation of optimization will reduce lag and inefficiency on deal structuring and result in more renewable projects accessing the capital markets.