Transcend is a team of water experts on a mission to accelerate the adoption of new and sustainable water treatment technologies. While innovation in the water industry is often stymied by outdated, manual design processes that can take hundreds or thousands of hours, Transcend’s software fully automates the preliminary engineering for water and wastewater facilities. End users enter basic project and details on the outcomes they want (e.g. effluent quality or energy consumption) and high quality engineering documents are produced within hours. On top of these time and cost savings, Transcend’s approach empowers engineers and streamlines the ability for utilities to integrate innovative treatment technologies into their designs, driving sustainable transformation across the water sector. Transcend’s software has designed over 6,500 treatment facilities to date.

Why do we love ’em?

Innovation in the water industry is critical for minimizing the stresses of climate change. But when incorporating innovative solutions is a time-consuming, expensive process for engineering firms — which are often the gatekeepers for what gets proposed and ultimately installed — it’s only natural that they will minimize “newness” in the design process. Transcend addresses this root cause that stifles innovation in the built environment for water and wastewater treatment, and resets the foundation for new technologies in this space. The team is comprised of water experts and technical leaders who understand where the bottlenecks have been stuck or years, and are poised to execute a new path in treatment facility design. Moreover, Transcend’s approach at rebuilding the design process from the ground up doesn’t just free engineers from spinning their wheels through repetitive, manual tasks. It also provides a launchpad where the end customer — water utilities — can become more actively engaged in trying out a variety of scenarios and ultimately having more control in driving the outcomes they want.