Uncharted Power presents an infrastructure-first solution that converts the ground beneath our feet and cars into a multi-use space for power delivery, data collection, and third-party integration for the purpose of citizen safety, city aesthetic, and smart city applications.

Why we love ’em?

The ubiquitous overhead power lines that crisscross our communities — despite their vulnerability to fallen trees, fires, or other hazards — largely owe their existence to historical inertia. When our electrical infrastructure was first developed in the early 20th century, there was no way to safely bury high voltages underground. And while underground wiring technologies do exist today, it’s often expensive to install and difficult to access for service and repairs. Uncharted Power threads this needle with its tech-ready, modular paver that offers easy access to both power and data, incorporating power wiring, fiber-optics, antennas, sensors, and other hardware. And since it can be efficiently expanded into areas with historically underdeveloped infrastructure, the company’s system can become a critical building block for sustainable urban development. At a time when increasing fires, hurricanes, and other natural catastrophes are damaging the electrical grid, Uncharted’s resilience-focused solution can protect utility assets and enable faster repairs.