About UtilityAPI

The world’s electricity grid is changing quickly – UtilityAPI is helping build the data infrastructure for the new energy economy. Their solution lowers customer acquisition costs by reducing the time it takes to retrieve customer energy use and billing data.

To get energy data necessary to install solar power systems, solar companies and other energy companies used to have to wait for homeowners to provide utility bill data or write to their utility to enable the company to log in. UtilityAPI has changed all that. Now, solar companies can email their prospective customers a unique link, and all the customer has to do is click on it to authorize access to their utility bill history. UtilityAPI then instantly downloads the utility bill data and smart meter data, cleans up the data, and securely provides it to the solar company. UtilityAPI can now provide instantaneous data service for over 20 utilities across the U.S. This data infrastructure reduces the transaction costs of installing new energy technologies – including solar, storage, energy efficiency, and energy management – and also enables ongoing monitoring and verification of energy systems.

The solution also increases access to clean energy solutions for hard-to-reach populations, and UtilityAPI is partnering with GRID Alternatives and others to increase access to solar for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. UtilityAPI also is part of the 1% pledge, pledging 1% of product and time to non-profits and governments.