What do they do?

Varentec’s hardware and software solution controls voltage and reactive power in real time to reduce volatility on grids with high penetration of wind and solar, improves power quality at the edge of the grid, and delivers electricity to local customers with greater efficiency. ENGO V10 is Varentec’s dynamic voltage monitoring and control device that can be mounted on either a pole top, or a meter pedestal. The unit monitors line voltage, adjusts the voltage levels automatically, and feeds data back into Varentec’s Grid Edge Management System. This opens capacity for more distributed energy resources at the grid edge. Initial project results demonstrate energy savings of approximately 5 percent without affecting customer quality of service.

Now let’s talk deployment.

Varentec has already deployed their ENGO hardware units across multiple circuits with high penetrations of distributed solar in Hawaiian Electric territory. They are working together to expand voltage control beyond Oahu, testing of the solution on a larger range of configurations and representative feeders.