WhereIsMyTransport is a technology company transforming the mobility experience for billions of people living with unreliable, unpredictable, and unsafe services. With most developed market solutions unsuitable for emerging-market cities, WhereIsMyTransport collects and combines formal and informal public transport data, offering solutions which adapt in real time and give people the information they need.

Why do we love ’em?

Basic freedom of movement is a key element for people’s economic and social empowerment, and a backbone for sustainable urban development. While technology has little trouble mapping public transit services in cities like London or New York, the mobility ecosystems across much of the world are far more complex. In a single city, while tens of thousands of privately run cars and buses can transport hundreds of thousands of riders per day, there is often little or no information on their operations, leaving riders with a daily struggle for a predictable commute. WhereIsMyTransport recruits a local workforce and pulls data from a variety of sources to map these informal transit networks and get riders the right information at the right time. Having mapped nearly one million kilometers in 26 countries and 5 continents, WhereIsMyTransport is managing the movement data of blossoming megacities often overlooked by competitors. And with a body of knowledge centered on the actual patterns of riders, WhereisMyTransport can better inform decision-making for development organizations and businesses, while making commuting easier, more reliable, and more accessible for millions of people.