Los Angeles-based Xos Trucks is an electric mobility company dedicated to making fleets more efficient. Xos builds state-of-the-art electric trucks and develops cutting-edge technologies and mobility solutions that exceed anything on the present market. Xos’ first product was a fully-electric semi called the ET-One. Other recent customers deploying Xos class 6 vehicles include UPS and cash-in-transit company Loomis.

Why do we love ’em?

Xos is focused on decarbonizing the entire freight transportation sector. Trucking is one of the largest sources of air pollutants, accounting for nearly 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the ground transportation sector (which is itself responsible for more than double the emissions from aviation). While innovation has driven EV adoption in passenger cars, heavier commercial vehicles have demanding requirements and need solutions that are optimized for them. Xos makes it both easy and cost-effective for fleets to transition to zero-emissions vehicles. This is a critical issue now in California, which recently announced that by 2045 every new truck sold will be zero-emission. With this clean-truck standard and Xos’ solution, we can reverse the plague of dirty air in frontline communities that are often pocketed near freight corridors and heavy truck traffic.