Trove was founded with the mission of connecting the enormous inventory of used consumer items stranded in closets and garages back to the market. The company’s mission is to reduce the amount of new products society needs by 25% while unlocking the second-hand market via the shops and brands that we love.

The solution.

Trove runs resale marketplaces for top brands like Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and REI. The company provides the technology and logistics for brands to customize and operate white label resale programs. Through these marketplaces, consumer brands are able to engage new customer segments and reduce waste within the industry.

What makes them special?

Unlike other players in the secondary market, Trove’s platform is completely white label, empowering brands and retailers to take full advantage of the resale market.  Resale extends the lifecycle of their products. Keeping clothing and items in use even one additional time shrinks their carbon and water footprints, reduces waste, and creates a more environmentally friendly supply chain.