ZeroAvia is developing the world’s first practical, zero-emission aviation powertrain powered by hydrogen fuel cells. ZeroAvia’s unique approach results in much lower operating costs compared to both traditionally fueled, and battery-electric aircraft. With the first powertrains already in the air, ZeroAvia targets commercial service in 20-seat, 500-mile aircraft by 2023, and larger aircraft for longer missions after that. 

Why we love ’em?

Aviation might be the single thorniest issue to tackle in our quest to reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. Not only does the aviation industry account for a huge chunk of overall GHG emissions (more than 1 gigaton of CO2 in 2019), the actual climate impact of those emissions in the sky are 2-4x the same ground-level emissions. ZeroAvia is developing the world’s first practical zero-emission aviation powertrain, renewably powered by hydrogen fuel cells. While battery-powered planes will soon begin reshaping shorter-range flights (evidenced by the demonstration project we’re funding with Ampaire), hydrogen-electric aircraft can achieve 500+ mile range, with a first commercial offering coming from ZeroAvia in 2023. Oh, and ZeroAvia was founded by Val Miftakhov, who led another company in our portfolio, eMotorwerks, to an acquisition with Enel. One notable trend we’ve been seeing across the climate-tech space recently is more and more founders who are bringing the wisdom and experience they gained from one successful startup to another. We are thrilled to support Val again as our first repeat entrepreneur.