Summer Internship Program 2021

Explore careers in climate tech through summer internships at startups changing the world. Applications are open until February 19, 2021.

Full-time positions starting at $25/hr in the following areas:

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Business Development

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Software and Hardware Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Data Analysis

What is an Elemental Internship?

Elemental’s summer internship program offers paid work opportunities for college students and recent graduates interested in climate tech. This is a 10-week, full-time (40 hours per week) internship with one of the mission-driven startups in Elemental’s portfolio. During these 10 weeks, interns will become fully immersed in the teams, work, and culture of the host company. 


A summer internship with an Elemental company is much more than a paying job and an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. It’s about finding joy in your work, and facing barriers, and overcoming frustrations to unlock personal growth. Elemental will provide 2-3 hours a week of networking opportunities tailored to the startup environment for climate tech. 



This internship was a great learning experience at the intersection between startups, accelerators, and the environment.


Malia, Class of 2020


I will be staying on, and hope to be a full-time in the spring, when my degree is completed.


Tai, Class of 2020


For the first time in my professional career, it finally felt like the work I was doing was meaningful and aligned with who I am as a person.


Carmen, Class of 2020

Beyond Career Experience, Interns Will:

  • Connect with a professional career coach
  • Learn from experienced professionals
  • Build a network of mission-aligned mentors and peers
  • Connect with industry professionals in your career pathway
  • Understand the climate tech startup ecosystem
  • Build confidence in your abilities, communication skills, and self-advocacy in the workplace
  • Understand your role in a team and your part in meeting the goals of the host company


How to Apply

Please review positions carefully. You can browse through our internship opportunities here


We are using one application for all positions and encourage you to select your top three roles. You will submit the same letter and resume for each position you are interested in and be able to select the roles you want to apply for during the application process.  If a position requires a specific cover letter, you will have the option to upload an additional cover letter for that specific role under “additional supporting documents”. Please title it to correspond to the role of interest. 


We also ask you to complete an optional survey to help us understand our reach. 


You cannot save the application, so submit when you have all you need in place. The window for application is December 15, 2020-February 19, 2021.


For any questions, please email us at


Tips for applying 


Key Dates

Dec 15 – Feb 19:

Internship applications are open

March 1 – 28:

Application review and interviews completed with host companies

April 9-16:

Interns receive and accept offers

June 7 – August 13:

Summer Internship Program 

Program Details

  • All opportunities will be full-time (40 hrs a week) and remote unless otherwise specified in the job description. In-person internships will depend on COVID-19, internal safety measures, and needs of the position.
  • $25.00 per hour
  • 10 weeks: June 7-August 13, 2021
  • Host companies are headquartered around the world. Please be mindful of timezone requirements for each position.