The transportation sector generates an enormous amount of GHG emissions, representing the largest share of total U.S. emissions, largely from internal combustion engine vehicles. This, and the fact that mobility is highly correlated with economic opportunity and quality of life, guides our investment in new mobility solutions.

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Can we change the way we MOVE?

Funding Startups Addressing Urgent Environmental Challenges

What technologies are we looking for?

  • Affordable, appealing, & reliable mobility options for those most in need – super commuters, seniors & frontline communities
  • Behavior change solutions to reduce single-occupancy vehicles
  • Increased convenience, appeal & access to electric transportation
  • Reduced emissions in heavy freight, shipping, logistics, & air travel 
  • Enhanced roadway infrastructure safety, resiliency & disaster planning

Despite the recent flood of new mobility solutions entering the industry, for the most part we’re still avoiding the elephant in the room — cars. With personal vehicle ownership and overall car trips continuing to climb, GHG emissions are soaring, traffic is increasing in almost every city, and large and mostly empty vessels are polluting the frontline neighborhoods that all too often house our freeways and major roadways. We need to redirect the brainpower and investment that has come into the transportation sector to ensure that we’re on a path toward transitioning to a fully clean and equitable mobility ecosystem.


Danielle Harris | Director of Mobility Innovation

Addressing Real-World Problems

At Elemental, we take a place-based approach by recruiting entrepreneurs who are solving needs in the communities they seek to deploy in. We facilitate collaborative partnerships to help bring these solutions to the places we call home – Hawaii, California’s frontline communities, and the Asia Pacific – then scale the impact to the rest of the world.

Hawaii & Asia Pacific

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Through our Demonstration Track, we co-fund and co-deploy projects in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific alongside startups and local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations.




The Equity & Access track supports startups delivering community-driven clean technology innovation in California’s frontline communities.



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Our Go-to-Market track is designed to support companies from all over the world in search of market intelligence and sales & growth strategies.


A Platform For Global Impact

We have built a platform for startups primed for commercial growth to collaborate with corporates, philanthropists, VCs, policymakers, and community organizations to achieve global impact. Meet some of our closest partners in this sector. 

Servco Pacific Inc. is Hawaii's largest privately held company.

Vector is New Zealand’s largest distributor of electricity and gas. They challenge and reinvent the way communities and businesses are powered and connected.

Hawaiian Electric Industries was our first Global Partner. Together we have partnered on nearly a dozen demonstration projects.

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