We are a growth accelerator.

Our goal is to bring commercial opportunities to entrepreneurs who are building world-changing companies.

A Triple-Track Program

Which track is right for your company?

Our Go-to-Market Track is custom designed for companies with an innovative technology and an excellent team (2 or
more people), in search of product/market fit. We support them in key strategic ways:
  • Validating product/market fit
  • Pivots or market expansion
  • Partnerships and connections

We provide a fixed grant of


What does an average Go-to-Market Track company look like?


Seed to Series A

Team Size




Capital Raised


What are we looking for?

For Go-to-market Track, we require:

  • 2 full-time employees
  • A minimum of an operating prototype

With a preference for startups with…

  • Revenue
  • Some outside capital raised
  • Differentiated IP
  • A strong team with relevant domain experience and key insights into the market
  • Appropriate technology approvals / certifications for operation in their focus market

For companies with an innovative technology, customer traction, early results, and resources to grow we co-fund and design transformational projects that help companies scale. Our resources are best leveraged for:

  • Developing the next generation of your technology
  • Entering a new geographic territory or customer segment

We provide a grant up to

$1 millionUSD

What does an average Demonstration Track company look like?


Seed to Series C+

Team size



$1.2 million

Capital Raised

$3.1 million

What are we looking for?

In addition to our Go-to-Market Track requirements, we look for:

  • Growing businesses with a scalable business model
  • Multiple customer deployments or pilots
  • Appetite for expansion
  • A demonstration project concept that is high-impact and in line with your core business strategy

With a preference for applicants with…

  • Significant revenue
  • 3+ months of runway
  • A growing team that can support multiple project deployments
  • Raising a Series A and beyond
  • More developed demonstration projects with partners/customers already committed
We look for two kinds of companies:
  1. those that have equity at the core of what they do and
  2. those that are looking to accelerate more equitable offerings.

We invest up to

$1 millionUSD

What does an average Equity & Access Track company look like?


Seed to Series C+

Team size



$1.9 million

Capital Raised

$13.2 million

What are we looking for?

In addition to our Go-to-Market and Demonstration Track requirements, we look for companies with an innovative technology and sales strategy that increases access to this technology for disadvantaged communities in California.

The track is designed with two principles in mind:

  1. Equity in – bringing equity into your company through hiring, professional development, and responsible supply chain practices.
  2. Equity out – incorporating best practices outside of your company.


Access to 250+ investors, corporates, and strategic partners

One-on-one time with Elemental Excelerator partners

Access to free and reduced-price services from our Technology Partners

Access to professional business coaches around hiring, HR, sales, and customer discovery

Office hours with our Investor in Residence and other mentors

For Demonstration and Equity & Access Tracks:

Project design and local stakeholder engagement

Support around policy, permitting, and other barriers to deployment


In order to align expectations upfront, here is what we expect of our portfolio companies.

1) We facilitate introductions and expect companies to carry opportunities and projects across the line with seamless execution. 2) We open our personal and professional networks to you, so we expect companies to manage those trusted relationships with care. 3) Being an Elemental porfolio company means representing the Elemental Excelerator brand. We expect that you hold it to a high standard.


Take 5 minutes to complete our Qualifying Application

Looking for another way to plug in?

Our 5 Pillars


More Specifically

Improved infrastructure for pedestrian safety and multi-modal transportation options
Zero-emission micro mobility options
Alternative payment methods for multimodal transportation options
New approaches to electrification of transportation
Charging infrastructure
Efficiencies in aviation, shipping, and logistics


More Specifically

Measurement & repair
Sensing & low-cost metering
Cloud-based mapping
Capital-efficient utility upgrades
Efficient irrigation & landscaping practices
Clean drinking water
Emergency preparedness
Water reuse solutions
Water trading/water swaps

Food & Ag

More Specifically

Tools to increase local food production
Sensors, automation, vertical farming
Food safety, quality & traceability
Protein alternatives
Sustainable, high-quality inputs & alternative feeds
Soil management
Waste reduction & upcycling
Energy efficiency & renewable energy for the ag sector
Increase healthy food alternatives with a focus on affordability, education & outreach
Workforce development in the agriculture sector


More Specifically

Grid balancing
Connected energy technologies
Tools to help save energy and lower energy costs
Financial tools to bring clean energy to disadvantaged communities
Democratization of energy
Wholesale market monetization tools
Electrification of everything

Circular Economy

More Specifically

Waste to value
Waste reduction and upcycling
Plastic alternatives
Natural resource regeneration
Carbon market innovations

And beyond…

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a collection of solutions that are compelling to us and our partners. We encourage companies to apply even if they do not fall within one of these specific categories.


  • Project Developers (solar, wind, storage, etc.) selling third party products
  • Consulting firms
  • Marketing or PR agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • World-changing ideas without a prototype
  • Companies with fewer than two full-time team members

Where Do We Fund Projects?


Hawaii is an island state that faces unique challenges and opportunities around transportation, water, agriculture, energy, and waste. We are looking for solutions that are particularly impactful in this island context. Our team has developed deep relationships across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to help startups deploy at the community level.


California has been a center of innovation for many years. Now is our chance to deploy new technology - through the lens of social equity - alongside communities who have had less access to technology and clean infrastructure. We prioritize projects in disadvantaged communities as identified in yellow, orange, and red by the June 2018 CalEnviroScreen map.

Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, we fund projects that have the potential to address global environmental challenges and/or significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Methodology


While it makes sense to fund research at a national level, innovation and deployment is all local. We co-fund and deploy projects alongside startups, local businesses, and policymakers.


To solve the world’s biggest challenges, we need integrated solutions. We take a systems view to building cohorts because we see value in connecting the most innovative thinkers across multiple industries.


Each startup is unique, so we build a custom ecosystem around every portfolio company that is tailored to their stage, industry, and growth trajectory.


Advice from someone who has lived through the experience of growing and scaling a venture is much more likely to resonate with our entrepreneurs, so we use our CEOs as subject-matter experts and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

Program Elements

We facilitate three separate week-long working sessions with each cohort and the community in Honolulu and Silicon Valley. But, companies we work with usually travel to Hawaii or California at least three or four times throughout the year.

Element 1: Kickoff Week

~ October 7-11, 2019 ~
Welcome! We introduce you to a large group of local and global stakeholders and work on further defining the Scope of Work for your Demonstration or Equity & Access project, or achieving your Go-to-Market Track objectives.

Element 2: CEO & Leadership Summit

~ February 20-23, 2020 ~
This Element fosters relationships with CEOs across sectors and stages. Our goal is to develop 100+ leadership teams who know each other, are highly collaborative, tapped into resources, and are accelerating impact as a result.

Element 3: Interactive

~ May 14, 2020 ~
Interactive, in San Francisco, is our largest investor and partner event of the year, with over 250 investors and commercial partners.

Key Dates

  • February 5 - April 12 Qualifying Applications will be open - takes 5 minutes to apply
  • February 12 Elemental Live: Applicant Q&A 1
  • March 5 Elemental Live: How to Engage Water Utilities
  • March 13 Elemental Live: IP Strategy is a Business Strategy
  • March 20 Elemental Live: How to Engage Investors
  • April 3 Elemental Live: Applicant Q&A 2
  • April 22 - May 24 Round One - invitation only
  • May 14 Ecosystem Deal Day - invitations will be extended to select applicants
  • May 28 - August Due diligence and cohort selection
  • August 2019 Offers for our next cohort will be sent
  • October 2019 Kickoff Week in Honolulu for all tracks

Download our Applicant Packet

It’s filled with details about our program, funding, and selection criteria.