We are a growth accelerator.

Our goal is to bring commercial opportunities to entrepreneurs who are building world-changing companies.

A Triple-Track Program

Which track is right for your company?

For companies with an innovative technology and an excellent team (2 or more people) we support them in one of three key strategic areas of growth:

  • Product/market fit
  • Business model pivot
  • Market expansion opportunities

We provide a fixed grant of


An average Go-to-market Track company metrics:


Seed to Series A

Team Size




capital raised


What are we looking for?

For Go-to-market Track, we require:

  • 2 full-time employees
  • A minimum of an operating prototype
  • Interesting tech solving a new problem, or solving an old problem in a new way

With a preference for applicants with…

  • Revenue and results
  • Differentiated IP
  • A strong team with relevant domain experience and key insights into the market
  • Some outside capital raised, beyond friends and family

For companies with an innovative technology, customer traction, early results, and resources to grow we co-fund and design transformational projects that help companies scale. Our resources are best leveraged for:

  • Developing the next generation of your technology
  • Executing a new angle on your business model
  • Entering a new geographic territory or customer segment

We provide a grant up to

$1 millionUSD

An average Demonstration Track company metrics:


Seed to Series C

Team size



$1.2 million

Capital raised

$3.1 million

What are we looking for?

For Demonstration Track, we look for:

  • Growing businesses with a scalable business model
  • Multiple customer deployments or pilots
  • Appetite for expansion
  • A demonstration project concept that is high-impact and in line with your core business strategy

With a preference for applicants with…

  • Significant revenue
  • 3+ months of runway
  • A growing team that can support multiple project deployments
  • Raising a Series A and beyond
  • More developed demonstration projects with partners/customers already committed

For companies with both an innovative technology and growth strategy that increases tech access and sustainability for low-income communities, particularly in California, we support them in one of three key strategic areas of growth:

  • Product/market fit
  • Business model pivot
  • Market expansion opportunities

We provide an investment up to


What are we looking for?

For Equity & Access Track, we look for:

  • 2 full-time employees
  • A minimum of an operating prototype
  • Interesting tech with an eye toward providing solutions toward low-income communities

With a preference for applicants with…

  • An application in low income communities, specifically in California
  • Revenue and results
  • Differentiated IP
  • A strong team with relevant domain experience and key insights into the market
  • Some outside capital raised, beyond friends and family



Facilitated connections to our Global Partners

Introductions to customers, investors, corporates, and other strategic partners

Access to free and reduced-price services from our Technology Partners

Mentorship and targeted expertise

Hot desk in Honolulu and Bay Area, relocation is not required

Demonstration Track only:

Project design and local stakeholder engagement

Support around policy, permitting, and other barriers to deployment


In order to align expectations upfront, here is what we expect of our portfolio companies.

1) We facilitate introductions and expect companies to carry opportunities and projects across the line with seamless execution. 2) We open our personal and professional networks to you, so we expect companies to manage those trusted relationships with care. 3) Being an EEx porfolio company means representing the Elemental Excelerator brand. We expect that you hold it to a high standard.


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Our 4 Pillars


More Specifically

Heavy freight, shipping or aviation
Last mile mobility
Software (including for autonomous vehicles)


More Specifically


Food & Ag

More Specifically

Food production/distribution efficiency
Supply chain
Meat/protein alternatives


More Specifically

Grid management technologies
Peer-to-peer trading / blockchain
Storage (new business models and use cases)
Customer-facing solutions
Augmented reality for training and safety

We are also looking for…

  • Cybersecurity
  • Fintech
  • Fuels
  • IoT
  • Materials and plastics
  • Natural resource management
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Project Developers (solar, wind, storage, etc.) selling third party products
  • Consulting firms
  • Marketing or PR agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • World-changing ideas without a prototype
  • Companies with fewer than two full-time team members

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a collection of solutions that are compelling to us and our partners. We encourage companies to apply even if they do not fall within one of these specific categories.

Our Test Beds


An ideal testbed for new technology, with a goal of 100% renewable electricity and ground transportation by 2045. Hawaii is made up of 5 islanded grids and unique challenges around transportation, water, agriculture, and energy.

Asia Pacific

Diverse regulatory structures and customer preferences can lead to new business models, and opportunities. We are nurturing fast-track market entry points in Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Philippines through our Global Partners.


California has been a center of innovation for many years. Now is our chance to deploy technology through the lens of equity and social justice. Our efforts specifically target access to clean technology for economically disadvantaged communities.

Our Methodology


While it makes sense to fund research at a national level, innovation and deployment is all local. We co-fund and deploy projects alongside startups, local businesses, and policymakers.


To solve the world’s biggest challenges, we need integrated solutions. We take a systems view to building cohorts because we see value in connecting the most innovative thinkers across multiple industries.


Each startup is unique, so we build a custom ecosystem around every portfolio company that is tailored to their stage, industry, and growth trajectory.


Advice from someone who has lived through the experience of growing and scaling a venture is much more likely to resonate with our entrepreneurs, so we use our CEOs as subject-matter experts and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

Program Elements

We facilitate three separate week-long working sessions with each cohort and the community - two in Honolulu and one in Silicon Valley. But, companies we work with usually travel to Hawaii or California at least three or four times throughout the year.

Kickoff Week

We introduce you to a large group of local and global stakeholders and work on defining your demonstration project or Go-to-market Track and Equity & Access Track objectives.

CEO & Leadership Summit

Our goal is to develop 100+ leadership teams who know each other, are highly collaborative, tapped into resources, and are accelerating impact as a result.

Investor Pop-Ups & Interactive

These are pitch events in the Bay Area throughout the year, where we introduce you to investors, strategic partners, and customers.

Key Dates

  • December—March 2018 Quick Apps will be open (takes 5 minutes to apply). We invite qualified applicants to fill out our full application on a rolling basis.
  • March 30, 2018 Full application deadline
  • April - July 2018 Due diligence and cohort selection
  • August 2018 Offers for our next cohort will be sent
  • September 2018 Cohort onboarding
  • October 8-12, 2018 Kickoff Week in Honolulu for all tracks

Download our Applicant Packet

It’s chock-full of details about our program, funding, warrant donations, and selection criteria.