Our Team

Bobby Bailey

Creative Storyteller

“The river that flows in you also flows in me.” ― Kabir

"Be curious and expect miracles." -Unknown.

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Each person is a story that the soul of the World wants to tell itself.  We are the imaginative creatures, the ones who dream. This is humanity’s great gift, to be aware of our own being, place and role in the greater story of our time. Now, young and old are stepping into a revolution that spans across the planet, the movement with no name, which is requiring from all of us great courage and unity.  We have ten years left to reverse climate change and the way we do it at Elemental is by deploying life sustaining systems to our vital sectors, the way we do it is by falling in love again with the living earth, the way we do it is by inventing new patterns of collective behavior. The only way through this storm is together.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

From Co-founding Invisible Children to Global Poverty Project USA, and most recently MysterySchool, Bobby has worked in the intersection of social good and storytelling his whole life. The collective threat we face with climate change is our generation’s great calling, one that we must move into with courage. Millions of people, especially those in frontline and marginalized communities are already being affected. It’s time to turn towards life-Sustaining systems, it’s time to Turn as One.

Outside of the office

Bobby hangs with his 4 year old daughter Olive, his wife Erin, and his beagle pup Lemon. He tells old myths and poetry round fires, and often participates in the wonder of the waking world by hanging out with a lot of trees.