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Gabriel Scheer

Director of Innovation

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Gabriel works with Elemental Excelerator’s energy and mobility portfolio companies and partners. He is able to leverage his deep experience with mobility companies as well as consulting experience working in renewables and energy efficiency to help EEx portfolio companies grow and thrive. In addition, he actively seeks partnerships with others who can help portfolio companies grow, co-designing projects with entrepreneurs and additional stakeholders, as well as leading diligence and recruitment for the mobility and energy portfolio. He is eager to help shift the global paradigm away from carbon-based mobility and energy, and sees supporting and elevating entrepreneurs as a key piece of that effort.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Gabriel has the unique distinction of having worked for three different micromobility companies (including being on the founding team as the first government relations hire at Lime), and has also worked in microtransit and in car sharing, and advised various mobility companies. In addition, he spent three years at Frog Design, built his own social innovation consultancy, built and closed a company that used crowdfunding to help small businesses retrofit for energy efficiency, and founded and ran Seattle Greendrinks, among other things. 
He has a bachelor’s degree from Luther College and a pair of masters, in Public Affairs and in Applied International Studies, both with a focus on environmental management, from the University of Washington. 

Outside of the office

He loves traveling, connecting with people, eating and drinking delicious things (ideally while traveling and meeting interesting people), reading, bicycling, playing ultimate, making and listening to music, and doing fun things outdoors.