Our Team

Javin Chan

Portfolio Analyst 

"By supporting climate-tech companies that out-compete in their industry, we can create a positive feedback loop where those who have dominated before will have to follow a new standard or become obsolete. With this, we can accelerate the green economy together."

Javin headshot

Javin designs and executes energy and mobility projects for the Elemental Excelerator program. In this role, he supports portfolio companies and partners in expanding commercial growth, creating opportunities for advancement, and conducting due diligence and selection for incoming cohorts. Javin also manages portfolio events and newsletters while supporting the Strategy Track program and Investor relations.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Javin worked at Flat World Partners as a Fall Impact Investment Analyst and as a Research Analyst at Light Co-Creative. He also conducted contract work for VCs and was a VC Scout. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Technology Management Program Certificate from University of California, Santa Barbara.  

Outside of the office

Javin loves connecting with people, enjoying live music, hiking, trying new things and traveling to a different place every year. He also works with The Impact (a weekly clean-tech newsletter).