As a member of the Elemental Excelerator operations team, Jeff manages program performance across numerous teams, balances budgets, crafts financial strategy, and keeps our overall team running smoothly.  Jeff also contributes his expertise to help promote policy and market strategies that benefit innovation.

Prior to joining Elemental Excelerator, Jeff worked for six years in the U.S. Senate. As Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Jeff helped craft the senator’s message and launch his 2016 presidential campaign. Prior to working in the Senate, Jeff researched the economics of happiness and international development at the Brookings Institution. Jeff is an entrepreneur at heart and co-founded a startup that helped businesses understand online conversations through sentiment analysis. Jeff’s company, hearforward, was later acquired. As a volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps, Jeff lived in a rural maya village in Central America where he helped locals start businesses to improve their well-being and support their families. Jeff holds a M.S. in Community Development and Applied Economics, and B.A. degrees in Economics and Political Science.  
In his spare time, Jeff enjoys the occasional 100-mile run.