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Nathaly Moreno

Manager of Innovation, Equity & Access 

"The causes for the climate crisis lie in our society's worldview toward our economy and our planet. Humanity's saving grace won't just come from fancy technology, but from taking seriously the perspectives of people our society has discounted the most - indigenous people, marginalized people, people of color, and women. It's our job now to listen and act."

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Nathaly Moreno

Nathaly is Equity & Access Innovation Manager at Elemental Excelerator where she’ll contribute to reimagining our approach to our economy by facilitating the creation of a toolkit that helps Elemental’s startups and the tech sector navigate best practices to scale in a just and inclusive way. Nathaly leads our ‘Equity In’ approach and is a resource to our portfolio; helping to troubleshoot and sharing proven practices across hiring, inclusion & retention, responsible supply chain, and more.

Honors, speaking, & press mentions

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Nathaly was part of the Enhancing Community team at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). Working closely with the SVP of Enhancing Community, she led the Women in Cleantech initiative and developed best practices and procedures for a more inclusive community within LACI’s LADWP-owned multimillion dollar campus and beyond. She’s an alum of Pomona College where she fed her love for understanding what makes people and societies tick through her degree in Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Anthropology.

Outside of the office

An LA native, Nathaly loves singing, thrifting, visiting museums, and connecting to her heritage through nature.