Shawn joined the Elemental Excelerator team in 2016 to help execute its operations strategy. He is now a member of the partnerships team where he oversees communications and projects with Elemental Excelerator’s Global Advisory Board members. Shawn also contributes to the management of EEx Fund One, which provides follow-on investment in EEx portfolio companies.

Before Elemental Excelerator

Shawn served as the Executive Director at the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, D.C. where he supervised the composition and publication of two books and various renewable energy-based master plans for cities and regions in Europe. His efforts continue to be focussed on addressing the triple challenge of energy security, mitigating climate change, and generating sustainable economic growth.

Shawn received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stockton University near his hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Outside of the office

His weekends typically follow a consistent pattern of surf, hike, surf, hike, surf, hike.