EDICT Interns

The EDICT Internship Program is a 10-week immersive program designed to help students gain work experience at climate organizations, tap into professional growth opportunities with a cohort of peers, and develop a professional network in the climate sector. Applications for summer 2022 are officially closed, please sign up to our newsletter to be informed of future opportunities.

How your summer will look

Professional Growth

In addition to contributing to meaningful projects with their host companies, interns will attend professional growth workshops hosted throughout the summer by people with over a decade of experience working in clean energy. Workshops for Summer 2022 include:

  • Clean energy 101 workshop series 
  • Personal narrative workshop 
  • LinkedIn and resume support workshop
  • Remote work best practices workshop
  • Time management workshop 
  • Working with your manager effectively seminar 
  • Identity & authenticity at work seminar 
  • Conflict management seminar

Community Building

The EDICT experience provides interns with numerous opportunities to build a strong community. Throughout the program, interns will be surrounded by a cohort of peers with shared lived experiences who will also be navigating interning at a climate organization. In addition to this peer community, EDICT offers the following community-building resources:

  • Ongoing mentorship from a diverse group of leaders in the clean energy space and access to coaching sessions to support your career development.
  • Exposure to grassroots activism, regulatory policy, renewable energy technologies, entrepreneurship, and other ways to launch a career fighting climate change!
  • Once you’re part of EDICT, you’re a member for life! This means you’ll have access to all our partners’ resources, events, and future job opportunities to continue supporting your career beyond EDICT.

Time commitment

Internships will range from 20-40 hours per week depending on the role. For interns working 40-hour work weeks, we recommend you do not pair this internship with additional commitments such as summer school or external jobs. There may be exceptions in certain cases, let us know in your application.

Intern Testimonials

Simonne Cudmore

EDICT Summer Intern, EnergyHub

This was my first internship and I was nervous that my experience would be like the stereotypical experience where I wouldn't really be doing a lot of hands-on work, but I'm happy my experience was the opposite. I got to work on some really cool projects that expanded on my prior knowledge and learned a bunch of information on clean energy.

Sabreen Ahmed

EDICT Summer Intern, New Columbia Solar

I'm most proud of the campaigns I created on my host company's social media accounts. I was able to produce a content calendar, a collection of graphics & videos that helped me improve my design skills, and a report that outlined insights and recommendations. I was recognized by the VP of Development and other executive leaders for my work.

Dorian Cyubahiro

EDICT Summer Intern, Generate Capital

I'm proud of the skills I was able to develop throughout my internship. I'm also proud of my capstone presentation for my company.


EDICT is open to current college students, recent graduates, and graduate students from traditionally excluded backgrounds interested in pursuing a career that will help fight climate change. Candidates from the following group are especially encouraged to apply: Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC); members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) communities; people who have disabilities; people from low-income backgrounds; people who identify as nonbinary; and women. We also welcome applicants of all majors and US geographic areas.

Note: Interns who participated in EDICT Summer 2021 do not qualify to participate in EDICT Summer 2022. 

Key dates

Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2022

Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2022

Intern applications open. Get your resume ready and apply today.

June 6, 2022

June 6, 2022

Intern Orientation

June 13, 2022

June 13, 2022

Interns' first day at their host company.

August 19, 2022

August 19, 2022

The EDICT internship concludes with a capstone presentation

January 2023

January 2023

Applications open for the 2023 summer program


This would be my first internship. Am I still able to apply?

Most definitely! We encourage all eligible applicants to apply. At this time, our program is open to undergraduate students, recent graduates, and graduate students currently enrolled in school.

If I’m not selected by any of my top 3 companies, is it still possible to be hired elsewhere?

We will try our best to match qualified applicants with host companies but there may not be enough host companies and so we can’t guarantee that you will be hired somewhere.

I’m not sure I have any relevant skills. Should I still apply?

Of course! We encourage all applicants to explore potential positions, regardless of their perceived relevant skillset. The internship may provide an opportunity for you to gain skills you hope to develop.

If I get an internship with a company that is not a part of EDICT, can I still participate in EDICT’s Friday sessions?

Unfortunately EDICT Friday sessions are ONLY for EDICT interns. If you’re interested in participating, we suggest you apply through our program.

I applied last year but didn’t get accepted. Can I apply again this year?

Without question! We encourage all interested and eligible participants to apply regardless of if they’ve applied in the past.

I participated in EDICT last year; can I apply again this year?

Unfortunately, no. A lot of the skills development and energy literacy sessions will be a repeat of last year so we want to open up the internships for new students.

I’m not sure what roles would suit me best. What should I do?

Feel free to pursue a variety of roles that interest you. It may be hard to decide but we suggest you pursue your interest, and the right role will find you!

I got another internship offer from an opportunity outside of EDICT, how do I proceed?

Let us know immediately at internships@elementalexcelerator.com if you are opting to take another opportunity so we can remove you from the pool of applicants.

I have a planned vacation that overlaps with the program. Am I allowed to miss sessions?

We have an expectation that all participants will attend every session. There will be an allowance of 2 missed sessions for everyone. Any more would be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Due to special circumstances, I need to maintain other employment and/or enroll in summer classes during the duration of the EDICT program. Would I be given permission to maintain this on top of the internship?

Please contact the EDICT team at rozina@cleanenergyleaders.org to discuss your specific situation.

When can I expect to hear back?

From the application close date, you can expect to hear back at the latest by March 11, 2022.

What does the process look like?

  • After you submit your application, the EDICT team will screen and review your submission.
  • If you are selected for the next step, you will hear directly from the employer on their interview process.

Are the internships paid or unpaid?

All internships are PAID! Depending on the type of organization (pay can differ with nonprofits, government or utility jobs, technical roles, large vs. small companies), pay ranges from $16 per hour at a minimum to $21+ per hour.

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