EDICT | Empowering Diversity in Climate Tech

Meet Devin Hampton and Jason Michaels. They’re the co-founders of EDICT, a movement to diversify our climate tech and clean tech workforces. Devin is also the CEO of UtilityAPI and Jason the CCO at Leap, two Elemental portfolio companies. They got to know each other at an Elemental event and when George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020 and the urgency of systemic racism was felt by all, Devin took to LinkedIn and held up a mirror for the climate tech sector. He explained what it’s like to be a clean energy leader and a black man going to conferences where he is one of a few, if not the only black person in the room. He wanted to make clear that the climate sector, though trying to do good for the environment, was not removed from what was happening in our country, and in fact is complicit and actively excludes people of color.

His honorable honesty and call to action led to the creation of EDICT, which was acquired by Elemental late last year. Today, it is two things:

  1. a pronouncement of values and a pledge committing signatories to uphold those values, and
  2. an internship program in partnership with Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) and FutureMap. EDICT’s internship program is as much about providing Black, Indigenous, and people of color access to meaningful careers solving climate change as it is for host companies creating environments where BIPOC people don’t feel like they have to justify their presence.

If you’d like to support this work, we’d love to hear from you.


EDICT Summer Internship

Our first cohort of interns kicked off their Summer program in June 2021. 25 member companies are providing internships to 30 individuals across the U.S.

Meet the Interns

Our Partners

We are partnering with Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) and FutureMap, and are so grateful for the support we received from Schmidt Family Foundation and NREL / IN2 for this work.



The Pledge

Clean tech companies have taken the following pledge to build a more diverse, more inclusive, and stronger sector. These companies will become a part of Equity is Dynamic’s community of practice, an Equity & Access field guide to be launched by Elemental in Fall 2021. Sign up for Elemental’s newsletter to be the first to hear about Equity is Dynamic.

To build a more diverse, more inclusive, and stronger clean tech sector, we commit to:

  1. Pushing for the inclusion of diverse voices at all conferences and industry events

  2. Interviewing diverse candidates for every job opening. Once hired, we will mentor, promote and sponsor them on a path to success

  3. Having the uncomfortable conversations needed to support the careers of the diverse people we hire in our organizations

  4. Searching out diverse mid-career and senior hires from other industries

  5. Hiring paid interns from diverse backgrounds whenever we host internships

  6. Using data to hold ourselves accountable; we commit to transparency, so we can blaze a trail others can follow


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Amicus Solar
Better Ventures
Castor Energy LLC
CleanChoice Energy
Climate Finance Solutions
Climate People
CohnReznick Capital
COI Energy
Community Energy Labs
Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP
eIQ Mobility
Elemental Excelerator
Electriq Power
Gemini Energy Solutions
kWh Analytics
NineDot Energy
Optimal Tech
Perl Street
Prospect Silicon Valley
Reinventure Capital
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The Megawatt Hour
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