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Funding Opportunities

Strategy Track

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Why Strategy Track

Elemental’s Strategy Track is all about developing the right foundation to scale rapidly. We combine funding and coaching over the course of ten months to help you develop strategies for growing quickly, and continue to provide resources and make introductions through your company's exit.

$350K of funding and a customized curriculum to develop and execute strategies for faster scale

How have our companies leveraged the Strategy Track for growth?

Shabazz Stuart
Shabazz Stuart Oonee Co-Founder and CEO

"Elemental helped us re-conceptualize the value that we offer to the market in ways that are transformative and game-changing. As we enter our next fundraising cycle, we are better prepared to provide investors with a targeted breakdown of our offerings and how we see the company growing over the next five years"

Ross Bonner
Ross Bonner Transaera Co-Founder & CTO

"Elemental laid the groundwork for the way we built our team. We incorporated frameworks from Elemental into how we source candidates and hire people, how we communicate and help each other grow, and how we operate in service to our values."

Claire Rampen Reath CEO

"Participating in the Elemental program has been transformational for us. The coaches understand the nuance and complexity of the climate tech markets and equip you with the necessary tools to position your company for success."

Jason Salfi Dimensional Energy CEO & Co-Founder

"My journey with Elemental aligned perfectly with the growth stage of our business. We had been looking for meaningful ways to weave equity into our operations and were seeking the right partnerships and customers. Elemental set us up with the tools and support to get there."

Miranda Wang Headshot
Miranda Wang CEO of Novoloop

"With Elemental, what I really like is the focus on equity and access and the well-developed curriculum that will help guide us and help us focus on what's important."

Kayalin Akens-Irby Planet FWD
Kayalin Akens-Irby Planet FWD Head of Growth

"We learned a ton about how to work with customers — we were able to convert almost all the CPG customers to paying customers when we went to market. And learned what our customers value, and what moves the needle on customer loyalty to drive sales."





Our Work In Action

Climate Robotics

Climate Robotics has developed the world’s first continuous, in-field biochar production system. Its system allows farmers to convert their waste into a valuable soil amendment while removing up to five tons of CO2 equivalent per acre.

Through Elemental’s Strategy Track, the company utilized market intelligence interviews and ecosystem mapping to better understand its commercial stakeholders (farmers, landowners, carbon credit buyers, etc.) in the southeastern United States. This work helped the company identify what was needed to onboard more farmers, faster. Tuning its pitch to the needs of these stakeholders directly contributed to Climate Robotics’ ability to close millions of dollars in carbon credit pre-purchase agreements.

Track Timeline

Applications open

April 10, 2024

Applications for all tracks are open and will be reviewed as they come in. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Applications close

May 31, 2024

This is the final deadline to submit an application for Strategy Track for Cohort 13.

Submit additional materials

June – July 2024

Select applicants will be invited to share more about their technology, business and strategy for scaling impact. We will also spend time getting to know their customers, investors and community partners.

Interviews & reference calls

July – August, 2024

Select applicants will be invited to interview with Elemental to better understand their company. As we progress through the due diligence process, we will spend time getting to know customers, investors, and community partners that you have previously worked with.

Final selection

September 2024

Cohort offers will be made all at once. Following program acceptance and onboarding, companies will become acquainted with Elemental’s team, systems and services.

Strategy Track programming

October 2024 – August 2025

Strategy Track companies will virtually kick off programming in October 2024 and will have access to Elemental’s suite of services before Cohort Kickoff.

Cohort Kickoff and CEO & Leadership Summit

February 2025

Cohort 13 companies will spend time in person getting to know the Elemental team, fellow cohort members and our partners through workshops and facilitated discussions. Then, we'll be joined by other alumni CEOs and leaders from the Elemental portfolio to share knowledge and connect.

The Not-So-Fine Print | Funding & Equity

Each company selected into our Cohort 13 Strategy Track receives $350,000. We typically use either a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) or convertible notes (see FAQ for more). Additionally, as Elemental is constantly looking to fill gaps in the market, we will provide more funding options in the future

Funding is tied to three agreed-upon milestones, meaning companies do not get the full investment up front, but tranches are released as deliverables are complete.




In past years, Strategy Track companies have met the following average criteria:

$2.5M total funding raised
$323K annual revenue
7 full-time employees
1+ initial pilot(s)






How do I know if I'm a fit for Strategy Track?

Team: Diverse and experienced teams with deep knowledge of their industries and a proven track record of execution. We expect active participation from the CEO and one additional executive team member.

Technology: Companies that have developed a scalable solution that shows growth potential beyond their home market. We like for the technology to be validated by a third party and market demand.

Track Fit: We want to see that you are at the right stage of growth and that working with Elemental will be transformational for your company.




Who participates in the programming? Can I apply if I'm a single founder?

Companies must have at least two full-time employees to participate in our program. We ask that the company CEO and a second dedicated team member be involved in the module programming throughout the entire engagement. We are happy to have additional team members participate as is relevant to their role and interest.




Which Strategy Track training modules are optional vs. required?

The Strategy Track is split into two 14-week parts, during which companies participate in selected modules based on needs and priorities.

These modules are required:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Sales & Growth
  • Messaging
  • Equity In

These modules are optional based on each company’s specific needs:

  • Fundraising
  • People & Operations
  • Policy




Is relocation and/or travel required to participate in the program?

Elemental funds companies from all over the world and relocation is not required to participate in our program. We do come together in person throughout the year for our annual Program Elements, including Cohort Kickoff, CEO & Leadership Summit, and Elemental Interactive. All Cohort CEOs and another C-suite member will be required to participate in all elements for the first year of the program. We ask that companies participate in one or two of the elements in the following years to continue building relationships among companies and partners, share their learnings, and seek new opportunities within our ecosystem.




Can you provide more information on the funding instruments you use?

As a nonprofit organization, any proceeds from our investments go to supporting future climate technology entrepreneurs. For project and strategy track companies, we use either a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), convertible note, or in some cases may be able to participate directly in an open round. We are also actively piloting new funding instruments.

Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE):

Y Combinator created the SAFE as a simpler alternative to convertible notes. It allows investors to purchase shares in a future round at a pre-negotiated discount (industry standard is 20%). We like this investment vehicle because it is founder-friendly and flexible, allowing us to work with companies outside of their usual fundraising cycles. Accepted companies will execute three separate SAFEs with Elemental, each aligned with program milestone deliverables and payment amounts.

Convertible Note:

In some cases, we will use a convertible note. This flexibility allows later-stage companies to choose the right instrument for their needs. We can share more information about the commercial terms of our convertible note at an appropriate time in the application process. Accepted companies will execute multiple notes with Elemental, each aligned with program milestone deliverables and payment amounts.

Direct Investments:

In some instances, Elemental will directly participate in an open round if the timing aligns with completion of the milestones deliverables. In addition, as Elemental is constantly looking to fill financial and programmatic gaps, we may offer other funding mechanisms in the future. We will work closely with accepted companies to find a path that makes sense for both parties.




How much time can I expect to spend on program work?

The core program runs October 2024 – August 2025 and companies can anticipate two to five hours per week of workshops, 1:1 coaching and applied strategy work for your CEO and one additional team member per module. They will also participate in regular (typically monthly) check-in calls with Elemental’s innovation team for strategic guidance and to identify any opportunities for support. Members of the leadership team are expected to join our core events and complete the Equity In curriculum (8–10 hours).




How many companies participate in a Strategy Track cohort?

The Strategy Track features a mix of 1:1 instruction with Elemental coaches and collaborative, live workshops with the group. While we do not have a set target for the total number of companies in each track, we’ve found that somewhere between five to eight companies is the sweet spot for the Strategy Track. At this size, the group is small enough such that coaches can intimately get to know each team and business, while being large enough to enable meaningful feedback, collaboration and learning with fellow group members.