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Interactive Media Kit

Elemental Interactive Media Kit

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Thank you for joining us on stage at Elemental Interactive! Below you will find social media copy to help you share about the event. Please feel free to post the copy as-is, but we do encourage you to make it your own by adding details of your experience and photos from the event. We will update the graphics folder with photo selects from our photographer on April 11 – use them as you see fit!


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Pre-Event Social Media Copy


⏰🎉 The countdown to Elemental Interactive is on! This week I’ll be joining @Elemental Excelerator and 400+ others at the annual event convening climate innovators, investors and communities! Hosted by an all-star comedian and climate champion, this 90 minute program is taking on the late show format to bring wit and wisdom to climate innovation.

We are gathering together to 🔓🧩unlock progress and 💪 galvanize action! Mark your calendar to join the livestream. Sign up here to be notified when it goes live: https://elementalexcelerator.com/newsletter



⏰Counting down to #ElementalInteractive! This week I’m joining @ElementalExcel and 400+ climate thought leaders to 🔓unlock progress. Hosted by an all-star comedian, the late show format takes on climate tech this year! Get notified when the livestream kicks off: https://elementalexcelerator.com/newsletter



Post-Event Social Media Copy

Option 1: 


This week I joined @Elemental Excelerator and more than 400 innovators, investors, community leaders, policymakers, artists, activists and journalists to discuss what’s next in climate tech at Elemental Interactive. 🔓Here are some of the key takeaways on how we can unlock progress for climate innovation: 

🤝Building bridges between private and public funding is key to helping climate projects traverse the SCALE GAP

🏡Climate-tech projects succeed when they strive for COMMUNITY impact and build with community partners 

🧑🏽‍🔧We need a robust, diverse and growing green workforce to fill the JOBS created by climate projects 

This convening served as a reminder that relationships take us further🏃🏻‍♂️. I’m eager to see how the conversations from this event will lead to more creative solutions and partnerships in the coming year!


This week at Interactive, I joined friends at @Elementalexcel and 400+ thought leaders to 🔓unlock progress on climate solutions. We discussed the urgency of addressing barriers like the scale gap and workforce training to maximize impact on community-centered climate solutions.


Option 2:


When it comes to climate, we must prioritize 👟actionable steps and 🏃🏻‍♂️forward momentum. The conversations at this year’s #ElementalInteractive were full of insights on how to 🔓 unlock progress for the next chapter of climate innovation. 

🙌Thanks to @Elemental Excelerator for reminding us how far we have come and inspiring us towards what comes next 💚


The conversations at this year’s #ElementalInteractive were full of insights to 🔓🧩 unlock progress for the next chapter of climate tech. Thanks to our friends at @ElementalExcel for inspiring us towards what we must move toward together – a greener future.💚


Option 3: 

Coming away from #ElementalInteractive with @elementalexcel inspired and engaged – with a climate tech community that’s ready to 🔨🧱 build! Addressing key issues like the scale gap and building a green workforce will 🔓🧩 unlock progress in the next chapter of climate. Onwards!