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Building a World-Changing Solution?

May 16, 2017

· 1 min read
Elemental Excelerator

We have awarded $20 million to 53 companies. They have gone on to raise more than $350 million of follow-on funding. Alongside our companies, we have co-funded, co-designed, and co-deployed 28 demonstration projects across Hawaii and the Asia Pacific. They have scaled those projects to dozens of cities across the globe, impacting millions of people:

“A single unit will have the photosynthesizing power of 37,000 trees in the volume of a suitcase.”
Opus 12

“We are in 29 cities and impact 2 million transit riders every day.”

“We are on our 25th utility in 12 countries around the world.”

“We will be planting 2,000 new acres of pongamia and bringing 20 jobs back to that part of the State.”

“We have already gone global with partners like Vector and Dubai Electricity & Water Authority.”

“We work with 60 water utilities in 12 different states.”



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