How Corporates Can Scale Their Climate Impact | Announcing our collaboration with Schneider Electric, Kilroy Realty Corporation, and Kurita Water Industries

December 9, 2020

· 4 min read
Ian Chipman Editorial Director

The threat of climate change is no longer a distant possibility — it’s a present-day reality. At Elemental, we are encouraged by the ambitious public commitments that many corporations are making towards a sustainable and decarbonized world, from Amazon’s Climate Pledge to become carbon net zero by 2040, Apple’s pledge to become 100% carbon neutral throughout its supply chain and products by 2030, to Walmart’s goal of protecting, managing, or restoring 50 million acres of land by 2030. Now, more than ever, there is real momentum to reverse the steadily worsening greenhouse gas emissions that are upon us.

We recognize that corporations with new programs to evaluate pathways to sustainability urgently need a partner that works at the forefront of climate-tech innovation and not just in energy, but also in the interconnected systems of water, mobility, agriculture and food, and the circular economy. Across all of these practice areas, Elemental has evaluated over 800 applicants to our accelerator in each of the past two years, bringing our total market intelligence to 5,000+ startups.

We are pleased to share our improved “excelerator-as-a-service” offering for corporate partners to accelerate the adoption of climate-positive technologies. Within our offerings, we have created a new partnership tier called “Scale-Up Partners” that is focused on guiding corporations to test and then scale-up priority sustainable technology innovations.

Elemental’s partnerships team offers Scale-Up Partners personalized monthly meetings where we matchmake startups from across our portfolio and applicant pipeline. We will also use our partners’ innovation theses during the scouting and due diligence process for our future cohorts and invite them to be a part of the decision-making process for finalist applications.

This high-touch partnership also includes exciting services such as:

  • Climate Tech Deep Dive events throughout the year where our expert Directors of Innovation will feature startups from our portfolio and pipeline that are working on a specific problem area, as well as cover on-topic market, investment, and technology trends, as well as Pipeline Reports
  • A curated Climate Tech Shark Tank tailored specifically to address a high-priority problem where startups can pitch their solution to your senior management
  • The opportunity to win $50 – $100k in Elemental-funded prizes through our annual Partner Prize and Deal Day Prize for portfolio and pipeline companies, respectively, where startups apply to work directly with an Elemental corporate partner to solve one of your specific challenges
  • Elemental Connect, an in-development AI-enhanced invite-only matchmaking climate tech startup database for investors and corporate venture capital to easily find and connect with our portfolio companies and hundreds of the highest-quality companies that have previously applied to our accelerator program
  • Advisory services, including scouting for startups that corporate partners are seeking to address their specific challenges
  • Custom introductions to founders, partners, and our broader ecosystem
  • Access to our existing market intelligence briefs; demonstration project insights; corporate marketing and brand alignment; and invitations to our flagship events like Kickoff Week and Interactive
  • And more!

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce our newest Scale-Up Partners: Schneider Electric, Kilroy Realty Corporation, and Kurita Water Industries!

“We are excited to partner with Elemental Excelerator as a Scale-Up Partner and look forward to collaborating with the high-caliber companies in their ecosystem. Elemental’s dedication to equity and sustainability helps build companies that have a real competitive advantage as they grow.” — Samir Karoum, Startup Partner VP, Innovation@Edge, Schneider Electric

“Kilroy has been at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment, and as a result, we get approached by a lot of climate tech startups. However, Elemental’s dealflow engine serves as a wonderful de-risking service to identify the best companies for us to directly implement pilots and scale them throughout our portfolio.” — Sara Neff, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Kilroy Realty Corporation

“Kurita Group, a global water company headquartered in Japan, creates shared value with society through innovation, and Elemental Excelerator is a fantastic partner to boost Kurita’s innovation pursuits through its extensive startup ecosystem. Kurita is very excited to work with Elemental Excelerator to achieve our shared goal — innovation for a sustainable future.” — Nobuyoshi Takiguchi, New Business Development, Kurita Water Industries

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