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Putting a Bow on 2016, Starting to Unwrap 2017

December 22, 2016

· 3 min read
Elemental Excelerator

Yes, it’s December and yes, 2016 is almost over! As the solstice arrives, we thought that this was a good time to look back at our last trip around the sun, and gaze forward towards the next one. On the road to 100% clean energy, how will we remember 2016? What will the world be like when we’re here again in 2017?

At Energy Excelerator, it was certainly a BIG year. We launched our first private follow-on fund, EEx Fund One, had our first cash exit, published our second annual Impact Report, and added new Global Partners (First Philippine Holdings and Tokyo Electric Power Company) to name some highlights from a wild and wonderful year. We would be remiss to think that we did this alone; thank you to everyone in our ecosystem for all of your support.

To memorialize this special time of year, Energy Excelerator staff followed the Energy Gang’s lead and compiled our top 5 headlines from 2016, and made some predictions about what we’ll be talking about at the end of 2017.

Biggest moments of 2016

1. The Paris Agreement goes into effect, moving the world collectively and decisively toward solving climate through locally-based action.
2. 400,000 people pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3 for $1,000… sight unseen.
3. Tesla buys SolarCity for $2.5 billion. Here is one of our favorite articles about this bellwether event.
4. Bill Gates and investors launch Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a new $1 billion cleantech fund.
5. Self-driving cars appear on public roads – the future is here, today!
Biggest headlines of 2016 – Tesla Model 3

What will rock our world in 2017

1. Did someone say solar panels, inverter, and storage all packaged for $10k?
2. Clean energy technology goes to America’s heartland with plans for new battery manufacturing and other manufacturing jobs, broadening the base of support for clean energy and revitalizing communities across the rust belt.
3. More islands like Samoa go full renewable. Hawaii is going for 100% by 2045 and Aruba is planning to get there by 2020. Who’s next?
4. Call it what you like – the language around climate broadens to include security, reliability, and clean air and water; and mainstream America gets on board with clean energy.
5. A Trump presidency — there have already been three Energy Gang podcasts trying to figure out what all of this means for cleantech.

One thing we know for sure about next year – Energy Excelerator will be looking for the most innovative startups in energy, mobility, food & ag, water, and cybersecurity. Pre-applications are open now!